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Check your calendars. Upcoming holidays, birthdays, weddings, and showers are filling dates every month of the year. Gifts will be given and received. If you are like me, you might be looking for something that is a bit more creative than a card, flowers, or candy. I particularly love the idea of giving handmade soap gift baskets. These baskets can be very fun as well as very professional.


There was a time in my life that I worked in a professional environment. Not like now, where I sit at my home computer in a corner of my kitchen and write my blog! In this professional environment, there was always some kind of event that required a little more than just the traditional greeting card. Birthdays, retirements, promotions, customer Thank Yous… well you get the picture.

I worked in the Human Resources Department and so this task of finding the perfect gift fell onto my desk. I never complained. I love shopping! However, finding the right gift for each particular event did take some planning. That is when I turned to handmade soaps. Seems everyone loves the look, smell, and luxury of getting very special soap in their gift basket.

The great thing about giving soap as a gift in the office is that there are so many options to select from. I love smelling all the different scents. These fragrant delights range from flora to musky ceder. There is something to find for every personality and believe me, there are many different personalities in an office environment.


When I received an invitation for a wedding, I realized they would be getting gifts to start their new home and their new life. Of course, they registered at the nicest stores for their tableware, bedding, etc. I however, began thinking of other niceties that they might enjoy. Yes, you know I did it. I gave a beautiful basket of handmade soap along with the other dressings such as soap dish and towels. It made up a wonderful basket and they loved it. At least, they said they did!

Since I knew this young couple, I also knew that she had some allergies to fragrance, so I was able to select lightly scented and unscented soaps. One of my favorites is made with Olive Oil. It is called Castile Soap. So very mild and lathers nicely while leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.

For the Groom, I made sure he had a nice selection of deodorant/antibacterial soap with activated charcoal in it. Great for the guys. It is black and looks very masculine! He also got some really nice soap for his working man hands. No bride looks forward to rough, calloused hands.

When it was time for their wedding shower and the actual wedding, I helped the Bride make fun favors for the guests. The handmade soap hearts were definitely a positive for this activity. Everyone invited walked away with a soap delight.


Twelve months and ever so many holidays! What do you give your childs teacher for Christmas? The mailman and UPS guys love to be remembered during the Christmas Holidays. Something as simple as a gift wrapped box filled with a bar of soap that is crafted by an artist at your local Farmers Market is a surprise they won’t be expecting.

Easter is a great time to switch out eggs and candy for holiday soaps. I have a mold that I used to make the cutest little bunny faces and baby chicks.

The nice thing about being a soap maker is that I can custom make the soaps for the people. Keeping in mind if there are allergies or other sensitivities, I can adjust the recipe to fit the need. If you are not a soap maker, there are many natural and gentle handmade soaps to choose from.

I have a friend who suffers from eczema. My first concern in gift giving is how can I help this friend. And so I have found a wonderful, handmade bar that is made with goats milk. Very soothing to the skin and can be found without scent.


I’ve just discovered all these wonderful cute molds that allow me to make up different kinds of animals and cars. You will truly enjoy watching their faces when they open their gift basket to find all the colors and shapes. Makes bath time a much more appealing event in every household with children.

If you enjoy making your own gifts, these soap molds are easy to work with. Of course, you may choose to work with a cold process when making your soaps, but for those who have kids, time and simplicity is a big factor. I recommend that you use the melt and pour products that you can buy in most craft stores or order online from places like Amazon.

Since so many kids are still adjusting to growing up, I recommend that you go with a goats milk glycerin melt and pour base. It is very easy to use. Just cut the glycerin base into small chunks, place in a microwave safe container for 10 seconds at a time. You will use a spatula to stir the glycerin base every 10 seconds till it is ready to pour into the molds. Then let the soap set up.

One tip I would give you, make sure you place the mold on a cookie sheet before filling with soap. These molds are made of silicone and once the soap base is poured into them they are difficult to move about. The cookie sheet will provide stability and you won’t spill. I even put my soaps into the fridge to speed the set up process.

When the soaps have set up and cooled down, they are ready to pop out of the molds and fill your gift basket.


Soap making to me is a very relaxing activity. I enjoy the entire process. I started years ago making soap from scratch much like many of us did when making a cake. Gather, measure, weigh, mix, and viola, you have created something new and wonderful with your own hands. Making soap is not much different from cooking in the kitchen. So, when it comes to giving gifts, handmade soap gift baskets are a cinch.

Give it a try and tell me about your results. I’d love to hear how you choose your soaps and other related products to fill your gift baskets. Please tell me your stories in the comment section below. I will read everyone of them and I will be excited to visit with you about your experiences with soap.

Happy In Bubbles

Miss Linda

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  1. A soap basket is a unique gift that not a lot of people would think of, but many people would be happy to receive. Homemade soap is often much better for your skin than the chemical laden soaps in the supermarket. And you’re right in that it’s better than candy. Most people already eat too much junk food.

    • Cpascal, you have made me laugh! Yes, most people already eate too much junk food. So giving soap is definitely a better choice.  Thank you for seeing the uniqueness of such a gift. I know your friends and family will love getting gifts from you once they realize you will be giving fun soap baskets. Miss Linda

  2. Hello, great review. I think you have a great idea and I’m sure a lot of people would like to use this going forward as nice gifts for friends, family and colleagues. Especially as this is quite a unique gift that others might not get for people. I will book mark your site and look out for future posts. Thanks 

    • Kenny, I am happy you see the possibilities in giving soap as a gift to friends, family and colleagues. I promise you will always get a smile once they open their gift basket! To give a unique and useful gift always makes the receiver happy.  Thank you for the comment and I do hope you will return. I have so many fun things to talk with you about on this site. Miss Linda

  3. I actually used to collect shaped soap bars years ago, and I loved all the different shapes and smells available. Then soap seemed to be old hat because shower gels and liquid soaps came into fashion. So it’s great to see that proper soap bars are back to stay! I love the little animal moulds. It’s something I’d definitely try my hand at, and giving them away as presents is a great and personal gift idea. Great post, thank you 🙂

    • Jyl, I am like you. I just love the little animal soap molds. I use them all the time and everyone just loves to receive the cute soaps they make. I am happy that you enjoy soap bars. They have always been my favorite since I was a child making soap with my Grandmother. Thank you for your comments. I have enjoyed visiting with you. Miss Linda

  4. I am overjoyed that I stumbled onto your blog. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best gift giver. It’s so difficult to find something that won’t just be tossed aside into the ever-increasing pile of possessions. I think that many people find themselves just drowning in “stuff” hence the Marie Kondo craze of late. And I don’t want to add to the “stuff” by just giving any old thing. Now that you’ve suggested it, I feel like handmade soap is the perfect gift. It feels fancy, elegant, even luxurious and yet it still has a practical purpose and brings real value to the person you are gifting it to.

    • Mariah, how wonderful that you found my website. I am excited to think that I have given you a new gift giving option. Truly your family and friends will enjoy the usefulness of each gift and you will make them feel extra special. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I love to discuss  soap! Miss Linda

  5. Hi Linda,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an wonderful article about “HANDMADE SOAP GIFT BASKETS – BETTER THAN CANDY”

    Really this is an amazing article with all the necessary information.I like this article very much.This hadmade soap gift baskets are great things to given as a gift.This soap gift baskets are unique creativity.From now i am going to give this handmade soap baskets to my friends as a gift on their birthday or marriage.I hope they will love it and after that i will come back to you with the results.I am going to share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    • mhasanaivi, you are most generous. Thank you for sharing my article with family and friends. I so appreciate your efforts. I am excited to be able to provide you with this fun information. I know that you will love giving such wonderful gifts. Miss Linda

  6. Hello Linda,

    I learned a lot reading your interesting article about Handmade Soap Gift Baskets. This is really a great idea. I can imagine, the swollen face of children getting baskets different colors of perfume soap. My colleagues will be very happy to receive such a gift on their wedding anniversary as well. And the process of making it in the domestic environment is also quite simple and artistic. Thank you sincerely for the awesome post.


    • Yes my friend, getting a handmade soap gift basket will definitely bring a smile to the face of those receiving. Anything homemade is a wonderful gesture. I know when you give this gift to your family, friends, and colleagues they will truly appreciate the wonderful person you are. Thank you for your comments and I hope you will like my blog and return. Miss Linda

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