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No one has perfectly healthy skin all the time. It is indeed unfortunate that we can’t be airbrushed in real life as in the world of Photoshop. Still, it would be disconcerting to walk around with all of us looking the same, something akin to a syfy world.

Reality hits hard for some of us. One example is acne. Acne hits all ages from babies to teens and adults; from farm workers to movie stars and usually without warning. We used to hear things like: “Don’t eat chocolate” and you won’t have acne. What are you insane? “Don’t eat chocolate.” That statement defys all real logic in the lives of most people!

However, It didn’t honestly matter as denying yourself chocolate didn’t really give you clearer skin. Years ago I discovered one thing that did make a difference, natural goat milk soap. Thank goodness I didn’t have to give up chocolate!


According to the Mayo Clinic, a highly respected medical resource, “Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil secretions and dead skin cells. If the clogged pore becomes infected with bacteria, inflammation results”. That sounds so gross, and of course it actually is to those dealing with acne.

This chronic inflammatory skin condition is the cause of those embarrassing, ugly, uncomfortable red spots and pimples we experience on our skin surface. We seem to notice them mostly on the face, but acne does not discriminate, and will appear all over the body. This creates a truly deep kick to our self-esteem.

In the past, people did not understand the benefits of skin care. In fact, at one time in history it was thought that taking a bath or washing yourself could result in death. However, today we know about the importance of fighting bacteria and sharing disease by washing with some form of soap. We even know that healthy skin is encouraged with exfoliation and moisturizing. Today, we are educated about this subject of proper skin care by magazines, TV, radio, bill boards, and yes… even on blogs.


Science tells us that our cells regenerate every 7 days. That means the new growth pushes the old, dead cells to the top of our skin where it just sits until we knock it off. The knocking off part is called exfoliation.

Our sebaceous glands that reside in our skin follicles at times become over active and will produce an oily sebum that mixes with those dead cells. Together they are bonded like glue and fill the pores creating the white or blackheads of acne.

Moisturizing our skin helps reduce the probability of skin problems. It is important to keep the PH of the skin in a balanced condition. When skin is too dry or oily, problems like acne flare up. Acne can then be stimulated as a result of hormone disruptions and stress.


Back as far as the Egyptian days, it was known that beautiful skin was treated with goat milk. It has been said that Cleopatra would bathe in goat milk to keep herself young and radiant. But, what is so special about goat milk? Let’s look at the amazing properties of this special milk.

One study found that goat milk contains powerful anti-inflammatory molecules called oligosaccharideslt, which fight bacteria such as one can get with acne. It is a good possibility that Cleopatra did not have to struggle with that demon. These fat molecules in goat milk also helps those suffering from dry skin. It is a natural moisture agent. The PH of goat milk is very close to our human skin PH, thus keeping a nice balance.

Another fine quality of goat milk is that it contains alpha-hydroxy acids, otherwise known as lactic acid. This is a natural exfoliant and skin softening agent, a great aid for those suffering from acne.

And for a final plus, goat milk is filled with the amazing vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, that will naturally fight wrinkles. Now I understand that fighting wrinkles has nothing to do with acne, but once the acne is gone, then bye-bye wrinkles!


There are so many options when dealing with acne. If you look at any magazine you will find skincare sets, pro products, diets and exercise programs advertised, all purporting to magically whisk the suffering and embarrassment of acne from your life. These can be very expensive and often only hype with no cure. 

Enter Natural Goat Milk Soap. Here is another alternative to fighting your acne nemesis. First, it is so gentle, even newborn babies can use it. Natural Goat Milk Soap is made from all natural products such as olive oil and, drum roll please…. GOAT MILK! You may find coconut oil, tea tree oil and other gentle ingredients in the handcrafted soap, but never any of the harsh detergents or chemical as you would find in mass-produced products found in stores.

Some may consider homemade or handcrafted soaps produced with goat milk an old fashion way of dealing with things such as acne, but it is gentle, full of natural exfoliants and skin softening agents. It can fight the inflammation and bacteria that comes so readily with acne, and is very cost effective. A good choice for anyone.


In the long run, what we really want to accomplish is to win the race against acne. No matter what your age, it is so uncomfortable and so unsightly, relief from this esteem crusher is a no-brainer. Yes, you can go out and spend lots of money trying lots of products that may or may not work, but really, why not just go the old-fashioned route and try the Natural Goat Milk Soap bar. You will get great results and you can amaze your friends and family with the cost savings and your new attitude toward life.

Why the change in your attitude? Simply put, something amazing came into your life with a small, old-fashioned, homemade soap bar and it changed your life! Woo Hoo.

Let me know if you have any questions and we will talk.

Happy in Bubbles,

Miss Linda

Making Soap Bubbles
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4 thoughts on “NATURAL GOAT MILK SOAP – Relief From Acne”

  1. This is such a great article that relates to so many people that fight acne.  Your content is very interesting in how it relates to how we can fight acne through goat milk soap.  This is a totally new concept to me but you have laid out your information in a excellent way so that I learn about the topic.  Your imagery jumps off the page and gets me to read more.  Great Job. 

    • Mark, it is great to have you here with me! Acne is not only painful physically, but emotionally. The goat milk soap really makes a difference and fights the bacteria that inflames the acne. Wish I had know about it years ago myself.  Thanks for the great compliments. I do appreciate your thoughts. 

  2. Hi Linda,

    This was a really informative read, who would have thought goat milk soap would be a such a strong fighter of acne, after reading this article i’m definitely going to be recommending it to some of my friends who have been fight acne for years.

    Actually I think it would be best to point them to your website so they can get the full value of your information, is there a tutorial on how to actually make the soap or is it recommended to just purchase it from somewhere. 

    I also found it very interesting that this was used hundreds of years ago back in Egypt, it really is amazing the knowledge that they had back then that so many of us has forgotten today.

    Amazing article keep up the good work. 

    • Thank you Ronald for the kind words. I have so many family and friends who have suffered with acne. I just want to help.  

      Yes, there are some great recipes that you can make yourself, but really it is just easier to buy… unless you really like to make soap. I will be posting some easy recipes soon, so stay tuned in and check back with me later. 

      I think a tutorial is a great idea. I will think about putting something together so you can follow along. 

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