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My Grandson who is the typical rough and tough example of the “manly man”, likes to hike, ski, climb, and go to the gym. He sports tattos, long hair and a beard! So you might not think he would care much about his bath products, but you would be wrong! He was raised by women, so jumping into a shower at home he was faced with a multi array of products from shampoo, conditioners, exfoliates, moisturizers, to face masks. This guy learned early on about taking care of his hair and skin.

With a birthday in the future, I began wondering what to give him that would fit his now lifestyle. In a dorm-like style housing community where there is a common shower area, I was thinking that a natural soap for men would be so much easier than carting a bag full of weird shaped bottles into that shower.


There have been some studies that indicate that liquid soap is more sanitary than bar soaps. The reasoning behind that theory is that bacteria can grow on the bar of soap left in the shower. Well, I’m pretty confident that there will not be enough bacteria growing on the soap bar as there is on the slime left in the soap dish. Remedy… keep that soap dish washed out and dry between washes.

 Let the soap dry too. Keeping your soap bar in even the smallest amount of water will cause it to liquefy or melt as some say. That is the slime you want to get rid of by the way. So your bar of soap won’t last as long either if it stays wet.

Best way to keep the soap bar dry is to use a slotted soap dish or in the case of my Grandson, put it in a dry container such as a zip lock bag or a plastic box that transports easily with your towel.

A good soap bar that lathers well does not need the use of a wash cloth or scrubbie unless you want to exfoliate your skin. Just grab the bar of soap and rub it over your skin, creating a nice lather that will clean and moisturize your skin.

Now, speaking of wash cloths and scrubbies, most people using the liquid soap will want to put a small amount of product on the above mentioned and rub to get the lather. Here is the issue with that, bacteria will grow on the cloth or scrubbie. So it might be an individual choice, but I believe the bar of soap will give you a good basic cleaning without the extra need for cloth or scrubbie. Just my opinion. You can let me know what you think in the comments below if you like.


When looking to choose a natural soap for men, I recommend that you spend plenty of time reading the ingredients that make up that bar of soap. Since so many people, men and women alike, have skin sensitivities or allergies, it is important to know what you are dealing with. Why waste money on products that you will have to throw away just because you didn’t understand what you were getting.

Here is a list of ingredients from a well-known bar of soap, right off the store shelves, that claims to be made for those with sensitive skin:

Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Sodium Tallowate or Sodium Palmitate, Water (Aqua), Sodium Isethionate, Sodium Stearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Dipropylene Glycol, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Maltol, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)

Yikes! Sounds like a foreign language, which of course it is to most of us. You can learn more about such chemicals in my blog here.


As a soap maker, I am really intent on helping people understand that they have better choices than purchasing convential produced soaps, be they bar or liquid.

Conventional soaps are mass-produced and will contain harsh chemicals like detergents that strip your skin of its natural oils. They will add preservatives such as parabens which can cause a multitude of issues with the user. These mass-produced soaps will even strip out the glycerin and add chemical moisturizers to the product. Handmade soap will naturally have the glycerin in the product. Glycerin is a natural moisturizer. Wonder why they would want to take it out in the first place?

Conventional soaps will also use artificial fragrance, again weird chemicals we don’t understand.

When looking at handmade soaps, you the buyer, have more power in your choices of ingredients. You can choose products that meet your needs and in most cases, you will find handmade soaps to be using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, and natural essential oils in their products.


Now getting back to my Grandson, men seem to naturally have stronger body order than women. His Mother and I call it the Stinky Boy Syndrome. He’s gonna get me for talking about him, you know! Anyway, I think we all like a man who has a light scent that is pleasing to our nose. In that case, there are several possibilities when looking for a natural soap for men. Just make sure the soap uses a natural essential oil, not artificial fragrance.

Great natural scents for a man include: pine, cedar, bay rum, sage and patchouli.

For some, even a slight scent is more than they want. Neutral is OK. It is a personal choice and it might be a health choice if someone is sensitive to the fragrance. Again, you get to make the choice.


My decision to send my Grandson natural handmade soap for whatever occasion will help him keep his manly appearance while treating his body and hair with great ingredients that support his lifestyle. Remember, handmade bar soaps will go a long way as long as you keep them out of that slimy soap dish. They can smell refreshing and will have nourishing ingredients that will keep the skin nice and soft.

If you have any comments about this article, feel free to share. I am eager to know what you think!

Happy In Soap Bubbles,

Miss Linda




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  1. I like bar soap. I think I will like the smells that are meant for men. I want to try a sample pack to see. Then I can give them as gifts to my friends and grandkids too. I’m excited to at least give it a try. Do you think older men will like this soap?

    • Luci I know older men will like this soap! It has a great smell, but not to overwhelming for those around him. Definitely a manly smell, nothing fruity or flowery. Plus, the soap itself is so wonderful on older more sensitive skin. You will be a hit if you give this to one of your older male friends.

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