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The question is, why do you want a walk in tub Perhaps you are supporting someone with a disability. Maybe you have elderly parents having challenges around safe bathing or in need of hydrotherapy for pain relief.

If you are a Baby Boomer and you have had any kind of active lifestyle over the years, you will be starting to “feel the burn” so to speak. Our bodies are beginning to show sings of wear and tear and believe me, the shower just doesn’t help in the way I need help. Sore muscles, aching joints, and old injuries are demanding my attention more and more. So in the interest of all who walk in my shoes, I want to give my review of the walk in tub American Standard.



Item Weight 145 pounds
Product Dimensions 52 x 30 x 40 inches
Item model number 3052OD.709.CRW-PC
Color White
Style AS Walk In Tubs
Material Fiberglass
Shape Rectangle
Power Source Corded Electric
Item Package Quantity 1
Water Consumption 18 GPM
Number of Handles 2


This review is covering the American Standard 30″x52″ walk in tub. It has a large right hand outward opening door. This tub is a Combo Whirlpool and Air Spa and comes in white



On a scale of 0 – 10 I feel strongly that this product deserves a 9.5


The Door: The door on this tub is not like those of other walk in tubs. It is designed for easy entry. In fact, it is so nicely contoured, it allows partial transfer for those who might need help in and out of a wheelchair. Also, it opens outward. I believe the doors that open into the tub make it very difficult to squeeze in as they take up tub space.

That Spa Feeling: With 21 air jets including 6 massage water jets delivering an invigorating massage, you will feel pampered and relaxed. There is also a heated blower that delivers tiny bubbles encourage circulation which our older, aching bodies will appreciate.,

The Fixtures: With safety in mind, this tub sports a built in safety grab bar along with a textured bath floor. Anyone with balance issues will appreciate this, no more slipping and sliding. Statistics show that bathroom related injuries cause 234000 visits to the ER each year.
One of my biggest concerns in the purchase of a walk in tub related to the length of time I would have to sit in that empty tub waiting for the water to fill. My chilly fears have been answered. The fast-fill faucet puts out 18 GPM so it only takes a short while before the tub fills. And the quick drain empties the tub as I dry off before opening the door. I can think of nothing worse than sitting in my birthday suit shivering as the tub fills or empties. American Standard has designed the water flow to work quickly coming and going.

Even though I really enjoy the soaking and massage aspects of this tub, I still, on occasion, prefer a quick shower. Low and behold, this tub also sports a hand held shower wand. Perfect for that quick rinse off.

Cleaning The Tub: Keeping this tub clean and functional is a snap with the easy wipe fiberglass walls with gel coat. One of my most favorite features is the automatic purge cycle system for the jets. Once the water has drained, the system will force air through the jets, clean and dry them out so there is no yuck left in them. Big bonus for me!

The Warranty: Yes, this product comes with a warranty and a very good one. There is a lifetime warranty on the door seal plus 10 years on the tub shell and 5 years on the other components. Here is a company who believes in its products.


The Seat: Even though the seat is contoured nicely allowing for more room to comfortably soak, it is not heated. Sitting on a cold seat waiting for my water level to reach capacity does not please me. Heat would be a nice addition.

The Shower Wand: The shower wand is attached to the deck with the faucet. It does pull out, so while sitting or when helping another bathe it is at the right level. However, if you are standing for your shower it would be nicer to have a mount with the attached wand extending from the wall as in a typical shower.


Personally, I feel this is one of the best products a person could invest in for their pleasure as well as their health. As we get older it is a concern to many that we are able to stay in our homes for as long as possible.

Loss of independence is a big factor in deciding when we must leave our homes for a care community. I worked many years with the elderly and one of the first things I noticed was how our elderly parents gradually decline in their personal cleanliness. Often it is just too difficult for them to get in and out of their standard tub. Legs don’t lift and balance is dangerously out of control.

Being a Baby Boomer, I will say making an investment in the walk in tub American Standard will be a benefit towards our independence. It is an amazing product for people with disabilities, seniors, and overworked baby boomers.

I would highly recommend this product and hope that you have gained additional knowledge from this review to help you make a qualified buying decision.
One last thing, unless you are a plumber and electrician, it would be wise to hire an experienced installer. Just getting my old standard tub out of my 1928 home was an enormous feat. Because it was made of cast iron, it weighed in at 400 lbs. I was happy to pay someone else to do that removal job as well as install my new walk in delight.

I’d be happy to hear your experience with this walk in tub. Just leave a comment.

Happy In Bubbles

Miss Linda

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